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Kuhn - PRIMOR Series

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Kuhn PRIMOR Series
Bedding, Feeding or Both…You Decide

KUHN Primor bale processors can process a wide variety of materials that can be used in a multitude of ways. Choose from the mounted Primor 2060 M or the trailed Primor 4270 M to fit the needs of your operation.

Bedding, feeding or both… YOU decide what you want your KUHN Primor bale processor to do. As a bedding machine, the operator saves time by not having to open gates and manually spread out materials. As a feeding machine, the Primor can be used to pre-process bales for a more thoroughly mixed TMR or to directly feed a processed bale to a feed bunk. The simple operation and convenient in-cab controls make the KUHN Primor easy to operate while bedding or feeding as fast as possible.

The KUHN Primor 2060 M bale processor is an excellent choice for livestock managers and other operations where the goal is to utilize 4’ wide round and square bales for bedding, feeding or mulching. It is offered in a standard-duty, mounted version for exceptional maneuverability and versatility for small- and medium-sized operations.  

The Primor 4270 M trailed bale processor features an extra-wide body for handling larger bales. With a loading capacity of 148 ft³, this machine can load one 4’ x 4’x 8’ large square bale or two 5’ x 6’ round bales – one in the hopper and one in the tailgate. The Primor 4270 M has an adjustable feed regulator to provide even more processing and distribution of both feed and bedding. Bedding flow can easily be directed and controlled hydraulically from the cab a full 300 degrees to the left, right and rear.

Sale Type
  PRIMOR 2060 M PRIMOR 4270 M
 Volume capacity 76 ft³ (2.2 m³) 148 ft³ (4.2 m³)
 Blower style Turbine Turbine
Hitch 3-point, Cat. 2 Drawbar
 Electro-hydraulic control system Standard Standard
 Hydraulic control of adjustable feed regulator (recommended for dual-purpose bedding and feeding applications) - Standard
 Electro-hydraulic control system Optional Standard
 Round bale capability 4' (1.2 m) wide, up to 6' (1.8 m) in diameter 2 bales - 5' (1.5 m) wide, up to 6'7" (2.3 m) in diameter
 Large square bale capability Up to 8'2" (2.5 m) long Up to 8'10" (2.7 m) long
 PTO with slip and overrunning clutch Standard -
 CV PTO with slip and overrunning clutch - Standard
 Blowing distance 0 - 60' (0 - 18.3 m) 0 - 60' (0 - 18.3 m) on the right and 0 - 42' (0 - 12.8 m) on the left
 Extended lower links and extra regulating teeth Standard -
 Overall length 9'6" (2.9 m) 16'8" (5.1 m)
 Machine height - swivel chute extended to the right 7'8" (2.4 m) 10' (3 m)
 Width, with chute closed / with chute open 6'2" / 6'6" (1.9 / 2 m) 7'10" / 9'3" (2.4 / 2.8 m)
 PTO speed 540 540
 Minimum PTO power requirement 90 hp (67 kW) for baleage, 70 hp (52 kW) for straw 90 hp (67 kW) for baleage, 70 hp (52 kW) for straw
 Hydraulic pressure min./max. 2,175 to 2,755 psi (150 to 190 bar) 2,175 to 2,755 psi (150 to 190 bar)
 Hydraulic flow min./max. 8 to 12 GPM (30 to 60 liters/min) 8 to 12 GPM (30 to 60 liters/min)
 Required tractor hydraulic connections 1 SA with free return 1 SA with free return
 Empty weight 3,086 lbs (1,400 kg) 6,173 lbs (2,800 kg)

Kuhn PRIMOR Series Second Electronic Remote

The secondary remote allows you to raise and lower the tailgate for rear loading door control.

Optional on 2060 M / Standard on 4270 M

Kuhn PRIMOR Series Diverter Valve

This valve is required when using tractors with an unregulated hydraulic flow over 12 gallons per minute to prevent the circuit from overheating.            

Kuhn PRIMOR Series Side Extension Kit

Side extensions are recommended when working with 6’ diameter bales and larger. 4270 M only.

your benefits

Why Choose A Primor?

Kuhn PRIMOR Series Ultimate Versatility

The KUHN Primor machines can process a wide variety of materials that can be used in a multitude of ways. Both round and square bales of a wide range of sizes can be processed for both bedding materials or feed ingredients. Materials from corn stalks to wheat straw, and even to grassy hay can be processed using the multi-function rotor. Processed materials can then be dropped into a feed bunk, blown into a pile, or evenly spread throughout a pen.

Kuhn PRIMOR Series Labor Savings

One person can quickly and easily bed multiple pens in a shorter amount of time.

Kuhn PRIMOR Series Reliability

Increased blower thickness and the hydraulically disengageable Polydrive® belt system provide greater longevity and little maintenance.

Kuhn PRIMOR Series Efficiency

Use fewer materials due to a better and more even distribution. Using a Primor also results in lower costs and lower horsepower than a tub grinder.

Kuhn PRIMOR Series Operator Comfort & Safety

The tractor-mounted control box provides easy operation and adjustments directly from the cab. Safely bed pens evenly and efficiently without having to enter the pen.

The Original & Proven Polydrive® Belt System
Kuhn PRIMOR Series The Original & Proven Polydrive® Belt System
The Polydrive is a hydraulically disengageable belt system that drives the feed rotor. It offers several advantages:
// Rotor can be engaged and disengaged separately from the turbine, reducing startup horsepower required. This is important because material is not pulled into the turbine during startup which greatly reduces the risk of plugging.
// Eliminates the need for a shear bolt, making the Polydrive system more reliable and much quieter than a chain drive with virtually no maintenance besides visual inspection.
// Safe use. As the conveyor only moves when the feed rotor is engaged, accidental operations are avoided. The conveyor stops immediately as soon as the feed rotor is disengaged.

Kuhn PRIMOR Series Turbine Wheel

The turbine wheel consists of eight blades, two of which are longer than the others in order to generate a speed differential in the turbine and produce a “shower” of straw. The large working area of the broad blades propels the product stream over the entire height of the chute. Straw is therefore blown consistently and evenly from bottom to top without touching the chute.

The turbine on the 4270 M Primor is 50% thicker and features a stainless steel liner to further resist abrasion and add life to your machine. The wider, 67” turbine allows for a high-speed discharge that spreads material up to 60’.

Kuhn PRIMOR Series 2-Speed Gearbox

The 2-speed gearbox offers a high and low setting of the blower speed allowing you to vary the distance that the product is distributed. The low setting reduces the blow back, which is recommended for feeding and will also work for bedding smaller facilities. For wider distribution bedding, use high speed to achieve maximum range.

Kuhn PRIMOR Series Feed Rotor

Driven by the Polydrive system, the feed rotor operates at 400 rpm allowing material to be pulled from the bale without overcutting. This high speed reduces the risk of wrapping long-stranded products and delivers uniform material length and consistency.  

The feed rotor, on the 4270 M Primor (shown), is driven by the Polydrive belt drive system with hydraulic engagement, allowing you to regulate the amount of product going into the rotor.

Versatile and Simple

Kuhn PRIMOR Series Self-Loading Tailgate

 For those of you who store your bales on flat surfaces, round or square bales can be easily loaded using the hydraulically powered tailgate positioned in-line with the conveyor and body designed to load all bale types.

Kuhn PRIMOR Series Extra-Wide Body

 The extra-wide body and long length of the 4270 M Primor allows for easy loading of any size bale, for bedding or feeding, with a capacity of up to two 5’x6’ round bales or one large square bale up to 4’ x 4’ x 8’.

Kuhn PRIMOR Series Simple Hydraulic Controls

For added convenience, a secondary remote is included with the 4270 M Primor to operate the tailgate outside of the cab. For in-cab control, the tractor-mounted control box provides easy operation and adjustments from the cab.

Kuhn PRIMOR Series Controlled Delivery

 The top swivel chute has a range of 300 degrees to easily direct and control material placement from the cab. Bedding can be blown up to 60’ to the right and 42’ to the left. This is useful for areas with tight corners and difficult access areas. Optional on 2060 M / Standard on 4270 M