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Kuhn - GMD Select Series

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Kuhn GMD Select Series
Simple Design, Superb Cutting Quality

KUHN GMD Select Series mowers, with working widths of 5’3” to 9’2”, combine a simple structure with key features, resulting in a clean and even cut.

KUHN GMD Select Series disc mowers are an evolution of our economical machines for small and mid-sized farms. These simple, but durable, mowers offer fast, clean mowing of heavy grasses and delicate forage crops. They incorporate the proven 100 Series cutterbar that has decades of reliable service. As with all current KUHN mowers, Protectadrive® disc shear protection comes standard. A redesigned headstock keeps the mower close to the tractor, reducing overhang and increasing safety when mowing in rough fields. A standard outside swath wheel provides better definition between cut and uncut crop versus swath shields used on competitive machines. Multiple options allow the machine to be adapted to every customers’ particular needs.


GMD Select Series
Sale Type
  GMD 16 GMD 20 GMD 24 GMD 28
 Working width 5'3" (1.6 m) 6'7" (2.0 m) 7'10" (2.4 m) 9'2" (2.8 m)
 Transport width 5'7" (1.69 m) 5'7" (1.69 m) 5'8" (1.72 m) 5'8" (1.72 m)
 Transport height 7' (2.13 m) 8'4'' (2.54 m) 9'7'' (2.91 m) 10'11'' (3.32 m)
Cutterbar 100 Series 100 Series 100 Series 100 Series
 Number of discs 4 5 6 7
 Disc type Standard Disc Standard Disc Standard Disc Standard Disc
 Blade retention system Bolted Bolted Bolted Bolted
 Removable Protectadrive® disc bearing stations Standard Standard Standard Standard
 Hydraulic lift mechanism Standard Standard Standard Standard
 Cutterbar suspension Spring Spring Spring Spring
 Cutting height 1.1" - 1.9" (30 - 50 mm) 1.1" - 1.9" (30 - 50 mm) 1.1" - 1.9" (30 - 50 mm) 1.1" - 1.9" (30 - 50 mm)
 Safety breakaway system Mechanical lock Mechanical lock Mechanical lock Mechanical lock
 Unlocking system from the tractor cab Via rope Via rope Via rope Via rope
 Mowing angle +35° / -22°
(-40° with optional kit)
+35° / -22°
(-40° with optional kit)
+35° / -15° +35° / -15°
 Adjustable lower links Standard Standard Standard Standard
 Headland turn position Tractor hitch lift plus hydraulic valve Tractor hitch lift plus hydraulic valve Tractor hitch lift plus hydraulic valve Tractor hitch lift plus hydraulic valve
 Average swath width 3'7" (1.1 m) 4'7" (1.4 m) 5'7" (1.7 m) 6'7" (2.0 m)
 Outside swath wheel Standard Standard Standard Standard
 Hitch Cat. 1 or 2 Cat. 1 or 2 Cat. 2 Cat. 2
 Transport position Vertical folding via hydraulic cylinder Vertical folding via hydraulic cylinder Vertical folding via hydraulic cylinder Vertical folding via hydraulic cylinder
 PTO speed 540 rpm 540 rpm 540 rpm 540 rpm
 Friction slip clutch Optional Optional Optional Standard
 Free wheel Optional Optional Optional Standard
 Minimum PTO power requirement 28 hp (21 kW) 35 hp (25 kW) 42 hp (31 kW) 50 hp (37 kW)
 Required tractor hydraulic connections 1 SA 1 SA 1 SA 1 SA
 Road lights and signaling Standard Standard Standard Standard
 Machine weight approx. 840 lbs (380 kg) 940 lbs (427 kg) 1,200 lbs (544 kg) 1,325 lbs (600 kg)
 Check chain Standard Standard Standard Standard
your benefits

Clean and Even Cutting

Kuhn GMD Select Series Standard Discs for Clean Cutting

Standard discs allow for clean cutting and quick crop evacuation. Beveled reversible knives are standard. Ribbed knives are available for rocky conditions.

The shape of the discs allows for a quick transfer of crop rearward, allowing the crop to quickly be formed into a swath. A recut of the grass is therefore avoided. As crop leaves the cutting area, no outside support greatly reduces the chance of crop wrapping.

Kuhn GMD Select Series Proven 100 Series Cutterbar

Due to the high reliability, excellent crop cutting, and overall adaptability to varying terrains, the 100 Series cutterbar is a staple in the Premium Series. See for yourself by taking a closer look at what the 100 Series cutterbar has to offer

1- Withstands the highest loads: special high-capacity bearings fitted in a one-piece sealed housing are not subject to distortion.

2- Increased service life: disc pinion shaft bearings endure radial forces for maximum bearing life. This optimum position improves the load balance.

3- Protection should an obstacle be struck: the Protectadrive® system is designed to protect the cutterbar gear train and minimizes the risk of downtime.

4- High-wear resistance: knife attachment hardware is fully protected. For added safety, heat-treated steel cups are welded to the disc.

5- Minimum wear or distortion risks: idler gear fasteners are located in heat treated steel cups. Correct alignment is ensured without the risk of distortion.

6- Long-term reliability: large-diameter gearwheels in high-tensile forged steel with reinforced teeth.

7- Perfect sealing: top-quality o-rings used on cutterbar bearing housings for a perfect, leak-free seal.

Kuhn GMD Select Series Swath Wheel

The swath wheel is mounted behind the outer cone and functions to separate cut crop from uncut crop allowing the right tractor wheels to drive over the ground instead of previously cut crop. Advantages of the swath wheel include it fitting entirely under the curtain, not being in contact with the ground and eliminating damage when backing or turning sharply.

Peace of Mind

Kuhn GMD Select Series Protectadrive® Safety

Every minute saved during the hay season is precious. Ultimate protection, from the externally removable Protectadrive disc bearing stations, provides maximum reliability and quick service. In the event of an impact between a disc and an obstacle, the shaft holding the disc can shear just above the bearing. This is thanks to its carefully dimensioned shear groove. As a result, the gear teeth are protected.

Kuhn GMD Select Series Safety Breakaway Mechanism

Should an obstacle be struck, the safety breakaway causes the mower unit to swing slightly backwards. The impact is significantly reduced. You can reset the device simply by reversing.

Adaptable to Varying Terrain

Kuhn GMD Select Series Articulated Cutting Unit

The articulated cutting unit follows ground contours with maximum accuracy even when mowing banks or ditches.

Kuhn GMD Select Series Suspension Spring for Accurate Ground Adaptation

The suspension spring allows accurate adaptation of cutterbar flotation to ground contours. The flotation spring tension is determined by adjusting the main frame height using the tractor’s 3-point lift.

Kuhn GMD Select Series Hitch

The new hitch design of the Select Series incorporates a more vertical angle of the round attachment frame which greatly improves overall strength. Due to this, the machine mounts closer to the tractor reducing the overhang, power, and ballast required.

The design of the GMD 16 and GMD 20 is slightly different than that of the GMD 24 and GMD 28 mowers. GMD 24 and GMD 28 mowers have a longer top link attachment point due to the increased working widths. It is important to note that all Select Series machines require the operator to lift the hitch and activate the cutterbar lift hydraulic circuit for headland maneuvers. The frame allows up to a 2” offset to the right for tire clearance. The hitch is not designed to be Quick-Hitch compatible.





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