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Kuhn - SR 50 Series

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Kuhn SR 50 Series
Quality and Simplicity in the Field

Available in 8- and 10-wheel configurations, the SR 50 Series SpeedRake® wheel rakes feature working widths ranging from 15’11” to 21’4”.

KUHN SR 50 Series SpeedRake® wheel rakes boast exceptional quality and simplicity for smaller acreage producers who don’t require the deluxe features of the SR 100 GII. Working widths range from 15’11” to 21’4,” with a standard 8-wheel configuration and an optional extension to make a 10-wheel model. The built-in mechanical rake arm flotation slots, combined with simple leaf spring flotation, result in superior terrain following without the need for a tractor equipped with hydraulic float. The fully welded frame provides outstanding reliability and ease of use. Standard single-side raking allows flexibility for ultimate crop management.



SR 50 Series
Sale Type
  SR 50 - 8 WHEEL SR 50 - 10 WHEEL
 Minimum working width 15'11" (4.9 m) 17'7" (5.4 m)
 Maximum working width 18' (5.5 m) 21'4" (6.5 m)
 Number of rake wheels 8 10
 Rake wheel bearings Tapered roller bearings with grease zerk Tapered roller bearings with grease zerk
 Center kicker wheel Optional 55" (1.4 m) wheel Optional 55" (1.4 m) wheel
 Rake wheel diameter 55" (1.4 m) 55" (1.4 m)
 Tine diameter 9/32" (7 mm) 9/32" (7 mm)
 Rake wheel lift Hydraulic Hydraulic
 Rake wheel ground pressure Right and left side independent adjustable spring suspension Right and left side independent adjustable spring suspension
 Safety chain Optional Optional
 Transport wheels and tires ST 175 / 80 D-13" ST 175 / 80 D-13"
 Minimum windrow width 3'7" (1.1 m) 3'7" (1.1 m)
 Maximum windrow width 8'11" (2.7 m) 8'11" (2.7 m)
 Transport width 9'9" (3 m) 9'9" (3 m)
 Transport length 15'9" (4.8 m) 17'7" (5.4 m)
 Transport height 8'5" (2.6 m) 8'5" (2.6 m)
 Rake wheel clearance on headlands >24" (60 cm) >24" (60 cm)
 Single-side raking Standard Standard
Windguards Optional Optional
 Minimum power requirement 20 hp (15 kW) 20 hp (15 kW)
 Required tractor hydraulic connections 1 DA 1 DA
Hitch Standard clevis (optional 2-5/16" ball hitch) Standard clevis (optional 2-5/16" ball hitch)
 Machine weight approx. 1,075 lbs (488 kg) 1,230 lbs (558 kg)
 Road lights and signaling Optional Optional

Kuhn SR 50 Series Kicker Wheel

The optional kicker wheel has a 55” diameter rake wheel, the same size as the main rake wheels, and can be easily raised and lowered hydraulically from the tractor seat.

Kuhn SR 50 Series Windguards

Windguards improve crop flow along the wheels for a more uniform windrow. The durable, HDPE guards are UV stable and improve raking performance in windy conditions. They also reduce wrapping in difficult conditions, such as tall, stemmy crop and corn stalks.

Kuhn SR 50 Series Adjustable Clevis or Ball Hitch

A clevis hitch comes standard with all models. A ball hitch is optional.

your benefits

Simple, Yet Durable Design

Kuhn SR 50 Series High-Clearance Design

The high-clearance frame design provides increased capacity allowing for even more crop flow and excellent windrow formation. This allows excellent ground clearance for entering and exiting fields more easily.

Kuhn SR 50 Series Fully Welded Rear Frame

The rear main frame is fully welded for maximum strength and durability. This design helps the SR 50 provide reliable service and long life.

Kuhn SR 50 Series Offset Rake Beam Lift

The patented rake wheel lift orientation raises the front wheels first when activating the hydraulic valve. When raking into a headland, it allows the windrow to form completely with the rear wheels raising after the front wheels to complete the windrow and not leave two short windrows at the end. Rake arms also lift faster and more smoothly for increased productivity.

Kuhn SR 50 Series 55” Diameter Rake Wheels

The 55” diameter rake wheels can move large volumes of crop. The right- and left-side wheels are designed to gather the crop smoothly along the wheels while forming a uniform windrow. The curved, elkhorn-style rake arms provide additional clearance for high-volume crops and reduce bunching while raking.

Versatile to Meet Your Raking Needs
Kuhn SR 50 Series
Working Width and Windrow Width Adjustment

Seven laser cut holes provide easy and simple adjustment of the raking angle to produce the ideal windrow for the field and crop conditions. This allows for easy adjustment of the amount of crop being raked as you may see from one cutting to another or match up different mower widths.

Kuhn SR 50 Series Adjustable Flotation Springs

Large, adjustable flotation leaf springs are positioned on the front of the frame for easy access. The leaf springs provide uniform flotation over field contours and reduce rake wheel wear by decreasing ground pressure. The decreased pressure also results in cleaner raking and is gentler on crop stubble. Built-in mechanical flotation slots on the end of each cylinder eliminate the need for a tractor with hydraulic float for more economical operation. The slots allow the rake arms to adapt to irregular field conditions.

Kuhn SR 50 Series Expandable Rake Beam

The optional rake beam extension allows for the SR 50 8-wheel standard configuration to be easily converted to a SR 50 10-wheel configuration. This design allows for you to have flexibility when working in the field.

Safe and Stable Transport

Kuhn SR 50 Series Stable Transport

When raised for transport, the rake beams fold flat and over center to provide excellent stability. The link rods rotate the beams and provide additional support for the rake when in transport position. By having the arms positioned over the center of the machine, it provides the narrowest width possible and keeps the rake’s center of gravity between the tires.

Kuhn SR 50 Series Quarter Turn Lockout Valve for Transport and Single-Side Raking

The SR 50 comes standard with two quarter turn lockout valves to help eliminate the danger of the rake being lowered during road travel. Use either or the quarter turn valve to look up one side of the rake to single-side rake on the left or right side.





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