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Bauma Light TX Series

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TX Series PTO Generators

With the Baumalight TX series of PTO generators, power is as close by as your tractor. With one less engine to maintain on your property, the TX series of portable generators gives you the advantage of using your reliable tractor during an emergency situation or simply for additional power when required. Designed to back up small farms and estates like yours, the TX PTO generators feature simple connections and controls that provide quick and easy access to power when you need it. The TX series of PTO generators are suited to tractors from 10 hp to 50 hp and provide backup or remote power from 7 Kilowatts to 31 Kilowatts.
In-field breakdowns can happen anywhere and at the worst time. Paired with a portable welder, TX PTO generators allow you to take power to where you need it the most, making them a perfect repair partner.

TX Series
Sale Type
Bauma Light


Pairing your PTO generator with your tractor’s powerful engine and converting that power into electricity gives you a convenient and reliable back-up and remote power solution for your property – simply by using your tractor. Before setting your PTO speed, ensure that the PTO driveline is perpendicular with the generator transmission. If necessary, remove the bolt and adjust the trailer tongue. This will help the shaft to stay straight with no bend in the universal joint on the generator side while ensuring a more consistent PTO speed and helping with vibration.


With the Baumalight TX series of PTO generators, power is as close by as your tractor. With one less engine to maintain on your property, the TX series of portable generators gives you the advantage of using your reliable tractor during an emergency situation or simply for additional power when required.


Pneumatic trailer tires make it easy to move the generator around – inside by hand and even from property to property. They also provide shock absorption and cushioning for the generator while it is operating. Bearings on the wheels allow long service life and the ability to move the trailer from farm to farm if necessary.


Tried and true, DisplayMeter volt meters accompany every Baumalight TX PTO generator to help get you in the power zone quickly. All voltage meters are conveniently positioned to be easily visible from the tractor, ensuring you can monitor and make power adjustments efficiently from the seat of your tractor.

Reset circuit breakers

With Baumalight’s Reset Circuit Breakers, you can protect your PTO generator against short-circuit damage without the worry of blown fuses. When your PTO generator experiences a power surge, simply reset the breaker and restart the generator.

Brushless design and Copper windings

For improved and reliable performance, the brushless design on your TX PTO generator provides efficient operation with the same power output as conventional brushes, but which are lighter, less noisy and require less maintenance over time without the added risk of sparks.

Baumalight TX PTO generators run on two copper windings, reducing the RPM of the unit and increasing the quality and stability of the power.


Most TX PTO generators feature 2 x 20 amp duplex receptacle for additional versatility on your property when you need to run multiple pieces of equipment during a power outage.


The TX PTO generator comes equipped with a 50 amp welder receptacle, allowing you to transport your generator and plug it into a welder for remote repairs on your farm equipment.

Self Regulation

TX generators are capacitor-regulated generators. With static-regulation according to load and self-regulation according to speed, the TX PTO generators keep power consistent within plus or minus 6%.

Drip Proof design.

The drip-proof design features ventilation on the sides of the PTO generator, allowing air to circulate through the generator but prevents drops of liquid from falling inside. LIMITED 2 YEAR/2000 HOUR WARRANTY

All Baumalight TX PTO generators come with a Limited 2 year/2,000 hour warranty.

At Baumalight, we make it easy to get help for large repairs on your generator by offering an expansive network of motor repair centres. You can visit the Support page on our website to locate a service centre near you.

When your PTO generator requires smaller repairs, such as replacing the gearbox, tires, PTO shaft, AVR, digital display or receptacles, you can visit your local farm repair dealership to find the Baumalight part you need.

Sheilded PTO

For additional safety measures, the fully-shielded PTO shaft is equipped with guards to prevent entanglement.


TX7Bauma Light TX Series

TX12Bauma Light TX Series

TX18Bauma Light TX Series

TX25Bauma Light TX Series

TX31Bauma Light TX Series


specifications – comparison chart
Model No. TX7 TX12 TX18 TX25 TX31
Connection Dedicated Dedicated Dedicated Dedicated Dedicated
KW 7 12 18 25 31
Momentary Surge KW 14 24 37 50 62
50% Load (HP) 5 10 15 19 22
100% Load (HP) 11 21 34 42 50
120v 20amp Duplex 1 2 2 2 2
Welder Receipt Voltage (50 amp) 240 240 240 240 240
Volts 120/240 120/240 120/240 120/240 120/240
Full Output Amps (Main Breaker) 30 50 80 100 125
Phase 1 1 1 1 1
Shipping Weight (lbs.) 300 370 474 563 596





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