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ID # 26622737

Bauma Light CP560

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CP560 PTO Rotary Brush Cutter

4 blades come standard on the CP560 tractor mount 60” rotary brush cutter. The Brush Bar helps to funnel brush under the Rotary Brush Cutter to the waiting blades. The double arch design of the push bar works to pull the taller, heavier brush to the hardened blades, making quick work of woody brush and saplings. If you have a 40 to 65 Hp tractor then adding a 3-point hitch rotary brush cutter attachment will help you maintain fence lines, improve pasture land as well as lane and road side weed control rough cut grass cutting.

Sale Type
Bauma Light
Path Width
Unit Weight
1600 lbs.
Cutting Width
Deck Structure
1/4" steel
Maximum PTO HP
Attachment Type
Shipping Weight
1550 lbs.
Number Of Blades
Maximum Engine HP
System Protection
2-Disk Clutch
Low Cutting Height
Slashes Per Second
Discharge Protection
Open Front with Push Bar Link Chain Curtain on Back
Max Brush Felling Size
Minimum Carrier Weight
4000 lbs.
Max Brush Mulching Size
Shipping Dimensions (LxWxH)
Bauma Light CP560

Two Cuts per Pass

As the rotating rotor mass throws the slasher blades at small diameter trees, the blade slices small sections away as the Rotary Brush Cutter advances forward. The curved cutting tips of the slasher blades give the Rotary Brush Cutter two cuts per pass of each blade. The leading tip takes a small bite and is immediately followed by the second tip taking another bite at 26–52 slashes per second with devastating results. Available in either 2 or 4 blade configurations the Rotary Brush Cutter’s reversible/replaceable blades are made of long lasting 1/4" AR 400 steel.

Bauma Light CP560

Gear Box

The Rotary Brush Cutter uses a bevel gearbox capable of handling up to 90HP for final drive output. More durable than conventional direct drive setups these gearboxes prevent shocks from cutting being passed to the drive motor.

Bauma Light CP560

Chain Curtain

A heavy-duty chain curtain reduces discharge of debris. Unlike traditional chain curtains, Baumalight’s Rotary Brush Cutter uses a curtain rod setup that is free of welds. This setup allows the chain to absorb the impacts and places less strain on the welded link for longer curtain life.

Bauma Light CP560
4-Way Model

Designed for easy service, the four-way models feature a heavy-duty rotor with four fixed extensions. Each extension is finished off with a slasher blade. This configuration is capable of providing up to 52 slashes per second.

Bauma Light CP560


Using a 3/4" top plate and a 3/8" bottom plate this heavy duty rotor sandwiches the 4–way blade assembly in place.

Bauma Light CP560


To protect the output shaft from impact or contamination caused by debris, each model of Rotary Brush Cutter is finished off with a heavy-duty output shaft shield.

Bauma Light CP560

Powder Coated Finish

Heavy-duty construction and a durable powder-coated finish.

Bauma Light CP560

Open Front with Push Bar

The open front with push bar provides extra control against thick brush and the felling of trees, while the teeth hold the brush as the blades chew it up from below.


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Customer Location: Gaffney, SC
CP560 Mulcher on John Deere 4044M




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