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ID # 26622762

Bauma Light RC586

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Contractor Series - RC586

Designed with professional landscapers and contractors in mind, Baumalight’s RC586 auger drive mounts on your skid steer or excavator. Available with a variety of bit options, the RC586 is ideal for digging post holes, planting trees, planing stumps or breaking up rocks. Available for up to 10,000 lb skid steers or up to 20,000 lb excavators, the RC586 auger drive has a heavy duty planetary 2” hex drive and a 1½“ pivot pin with brass bushings. For exceptional performance, the RC586 has a heavy duty frame and a 6:1 gear ratio.
Sale Type
Bauma Light
Drive Type
Heavy Duty Planetary
Frame Type
Heavy Duty
Gear Ratio
Adapter Code
Excavator Size
3,000 - 20,000
Pivot Pin Size
1 1/2" with Brass Bushings
Skid Steer Size
2,000 - 10,000
Rec.GPM To Max.GPM
6-24 to max.25
Shipping Wt. (drive Only)
158 lbs

All Baumalight products are sold through our network of equipment dealers. For you, this means better product support, after-sales service, maintenance and product warranty from your local, trusted dealership

Bauma Light RC586 Greasable Zinc Plated Pins

Our grease pins are zinc plated to prevent corrosion which will allow for smoother operation of the units joints over their lifetime

Bauma Light RC586 Cement Mixer and Adjustable Cradle

Get more functions out of your Baumalight RC586 auger drive by upgrading to our adjustable cradle and cement mixer. To use the RC586 auger drive with our new cement mixer, just pull the two pins and lift the adjustable cradle to its extended position, then insert the support bar and replace the two pins in the bar.

Bauma Light RC586 Anti Slip Pads

Extra traction from anti slip strips provides improved safety as well as ease of entry and exit from the cab

Bauma Light RC586 Planetary Drive

The Baumalight line of auger drives feature heavy duty planetary drives

Bauma Light RC586 Heavy Duty Knuckle

Heavy duty knuckles with 1.5" to 2" pivot pins with brass bushings

Bauma Light RC586 Double Shielded Hoses

All hydraulic hoses come standard with a sleeve covering and hose Armour. Hose Armour is a tough wrap which coils around the hoses and helps protect them from punctures

Bauma Light RC586 Safety Shield

Hinged safety shield for easy access to change auger attachments

Bauma Light RC586 Log Splitter Attachment

Baumalight’s log splitter tool can split pieces of wood and logs up to 12 feet or even 20 ft long. The bit’s bite comes from machining two helical spirals machined into two pieces of steel. The two spirals join at the hardened tip for easy boring into the log.

Bauma Light RC586 Stump Planer Attachment

Baumalight’s stump planer attachment operates at a low RPM so that chips are contained during the operation with very little mess to clean up. The planer’s entry tip is hardened for extra-long wear and replaceable for a longer life. The smaller leading blade is made from AR500 steel and the larger clean up blade is made with AR400 steel. Both blades can be sharpened, lowering operating costs.

Bauma Light RC586 Hardened Steel Bushings

Spring Bushings made from high grade chrome-vanadium AISI 6150 spring steel on all main pivot points.


customer submitted media

Bauma Light RC586Down below are photos and video footage taken by Baumalight product owners. Visit our Factory Discount web page to learn how you too can participate in this media discount program.

 Customer using Baumalight auger drive.

drive options - flow and pressure
GPM 1,500 PSI 2,000 PSI 2,500 PSI 3,000 PSI
10 30.3 1,223 29.3 1,673 27.8 2,120 25.0 2,549
16 49.3 1,130 48.2 1,573 45.5 2,011 42.8 2,465
20 62.0 1,050 60.8 1,489 58.0 1,934 55.2 2,377
22 68.3 1,004 67.2 1,444 64.2 1,892 61.3 2,333
24 74.8 954 73.5 1,395 70.5 1,847 67.5 2,291



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