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Bauma Light SWF560 Boom Mower for Skidsteer

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SWF560 Boom Mower for Skidsteer

 Baumalight’s SWF560 Boom Mower for Skidsteers is a must have attachment for mowing grass and long brush in your ditches, roadsides and fence lines. The SWF560 ditch mower has a 10 ft. reach and the boom and stick design allows the user full control of the desired mowing angle. Designed to work with skidsteers with a minimum carrier weight of 6,000 lbs., the SWF560 is available with several motor options. Make short work of unwanted brush up to 2” in diameter depending on your skidsteer’s GPM. This ditch mower has a full 48” wide mowing head and features our 200 series flail teeth. The head is supported by a durable solid flat-free tire and steel floating deck roller, relieving the weight off the skidsteer. When it’s time to move on to the next project, the boom and stick arm conveniently folds up for safe travel.
Sale Type
Bauma Light
Boom Type
Boom & Stick
Motor Type
Cutting Width
Type Of Blades
Shipping Weight (lbs)
Total Reach When Flat
10 ft
Minimum Carrier Weight
6,000 lbs
Hydraulic Hose & Couplers
Hose only
Estimated Dealer Set-up Time
8 hours
No. Of Blade Clusters F2000(Standard)
No. Of Blade Clusters F3000(Optional)
Bauma Light SWF560 Boom Mower for Skidsteer SOLD BY EQUIPMENT DEALERS

 All Baumalight products are sold through our network of equipment dealers. For you, this means better product support, after-sales service, maintenance and product warranty from your local, trusted dealership

Note: For Boom Mower’s on a Skidsteer the dealer should price in about a days worth of time for set-up and fine tuning controls.
This should be doubled if a unit is going on a Bobcat skidsteer as the Bobcat skidsteers can come preprogramed to shut down high flow if the AUX control buttons are activated.

Bauma Light SWF560 Boom Mower for Skidsteer PROTECTIVE POWDER COAT FINISH

Heavy duty construction and a durable powder coated finish.

Bauma Light SWF560 Boom Mower for Skidsteer CURVED BOOM

Baumalight signature curved boom allows for extra clearance when you need to get over obstacles.


 For simple in cab control, the DSA530 is available with Baumalight's Auxiliary Electrical Connection. This connection gives you simple quick connections and access to all the attachments functions using your machine's own controls.

Bauma Light SWF560 Boom Mower for Skidsteer BENT AXIS PISTON MOTOR

 Our Industry leading bent axis piston motors make the most efficient use of your hydraulic flow and pressure for pruning, trimming and land clearing. Built to last, these reliable motors can double the power of your output flow.

Bauma Light SWF560 Boom Mower for Skidsteer FOLDS FOR TRAVEL

The boom is compact enough for travel on tighter paths and trailering.

Bauma Light SWF560 Boom Mower for Skidsteer ANTI-SLIP MAT FOR EASY ACCESS TO CAB

For ease of entry and exit from the cab an anti-slip strip gives sure footing.

Bauma Light SWF560 Boom Mower for Skidsteer ARMOURED AND SLEEVED HOSES

All hoses are sleeved for operator and hose protection.

Bauma Light SWF560 Boom Mower for Skidsteer Adjustable Cut Length

Front and rear adjustable mounting points allow you to control how close you cut.

Bauma Light SWF560 Boom Mower for Skidsteer Floating Deck Roller

Keeping things level is a heavy duty steel roller.

Bauma Light SWF560 Boom Mower for Skidsteer GREASEABLE PINS

Our grease pins are zinc plated to prevent corrosion which will allow for smoother operation of the units joints over their lifetime.

Bauma Light SWF560 Boom Mower for Skidsteer HARDENED STEEL BUSHING

Spring Bushings made from high grade chrome-vanadium AISI 6150 spring steel on all main pivot points.

Bauma Light SWF560 Boom Mower for Skidsteer Heavy Duty Cylinders

Large cylinders control the arm for quick flow so you’re spending less time adjusting positions and more time rolling and cutting.

Bauma Light SWF560 Boom Mower for Skidsteer Safety Break Away

Shear pins on the boom are mounted in 4 places so if you ever run into trouble you're protected from large scale damage.

Bauma Light SWF560 Boom Mower for Skidsteer 200 SERIES FLAIL TEETH

Currently available on our 200 Series Brush Fire mulchers, these flail type cutters are an economic and efficient way to beat back heavy vegetation and light to moderate brush. Ideally suited for small carriers, these flails provide good cutting performance and great mulching. Bolt-on replaceable for quick and easy servicing, even in the field.

Upgrade to our Heavy Blade Teeth and instantly increase your mulching capacity. These upgraded heavy duty blade teeth are 6mm thick and will allow you to double your brush size mulching capacity without any other equipment adjustments required.

Bauma Light SWF560 Boom Mower for Skidsteer 6 FREE TEETH

All SWA540 Boom Mowers come with a free set of 6 replacement teeth. These replacement teeth are conveniently shipped in a robust enclosed compartment on top of the frame.

Bauma Light SWF560 Boom Mower for Skidsteer Solid Flat Free Tire

The durable solid flat free tire achieves a floating deck effect which takes the unit weight off the skid steer and with adjustable height positions you can change depending on cutting application.





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